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     The Mexican term for "MORTAR AND PESTLE"- El Molcajete being the MORTAR and El Tejolote the PESTLE. The black rough texture of both pieces is a result of the fact they are made of basalt (volcanic rock). They are used in the traditional manner of grinding spices and herbs and other mixtures.

     The word MOLCAJETE (mortar), derives from Nahualt -the languaje of the Aztecas- "Molli" (seasoning or sauce) and "Caxitl" (bowl). The word TEJOLOTE (pestle), also derives from Nahualt "Tetl" (stone) and "Xolotl" (doll).

    Foods traditionally prepared in the Molcajete inlcude salsa and moles as well as guacamole, it's also used for grinding chilies, garlic and/or other herbs and spices for food preparation.

El Molcajete Mexican Restaurant

El Molcajete Mexican Restaurant Bar and Cantina is a Family Own Business where you can enjoy authentic mexican food using our own homemade recepies

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45 Babcock Blvd, Delano MN 55328


Tue. to Thur. 11:am - 8:00pm

Fri. to Sat. 11:am - 9:00pm

Sundays 11:am - 8:pm

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